Signature cocktail.

Feel the Vucahucauv experience with our tropical and delicious cocktail.

This rum-based cocktail contains fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, passion fruit syrup, vanilla syrup, pineapple frond and bordeaux cherry for garnish, as well as some tikihawawa. Shh… don’t even try to google our secret ingredient.

Vucahucauv is our signature cocktail, this tiki drink is fruity and flavourful. Containing traces of citrusy and sweet fruits, Vucahucauv will make you feel like you’re on a getaway. What makes our Vucahucauv signature cocktail unique, is the ingredients and fresh organic fruits.

"Vucahucauv can make you feel what your ex couldn't.!, Liza

The Vucahucauv drink presentation is a combination of two sides of hawaii being the calm of the flora and the energy of the dormant volcanoes surrounding the islands. The cup is in the design of a tikki mask, having some touch of flora with the wild edible flowers and it also has fire and smoke representing the volcanoes.

Carrer de honolulu, 21, Barcelona

About us

Aloha bar is a Hawaiian themed bar located at the coast of Bogatell beach in Barcelona. This exotic bar by the beach is your number one destination to be if you want to get a sip of paradise.