Welcome to the world of Vucahucauv!

In Vucahucauv, the Hucauvians are the noble race who were driven away from their peaceful life centuries ago by the evil sorcerer Valis. The Hucauvians long to redeem their once sacred ground from the grip of evil—and you can help them do that! Thus began the 2nd Vucahucauv War.


This is an immersive Role Playing Game (RPG) designed to give you a magical experience into the world of Vucahucauv. The player will be able to choose from Aeno and Aena the twins and start your journey towards the mysterious world of Vucahucauv and help the Hucauvians get back their homeland from the evil sorcerer Valis. Through many trials and expeditions you find out that you were chosen by the First Child of Vucahucauv to guide the Hucauvians back to their peaceful land.


  1. Which platforms is Vucahucauv available?
  2. It is available on PC and in PS5 platforms.

  3. When does the game release?
  4. Vucahucauv releases the 22nd of November

  5. Will you be able to change the main character?
  6. The land of Vucahucauv only allows the chosen one to continue towards their journey.

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The fantasy world of Vucahucauv, alive with 
magic, before its destruction.
Valis, the evil sorcerer of Vucahucauv Deep woods Vacahucauv, after suffering the wrath of Valis First Child of Vucahucauv, the renowned heiress who was said to be the first inhabitant of Vacahucauv

Anthology Contributors: Achuthakannan Alagia Manavalan; Ricardo Westerman Ferreira; Maritess Mesias