A celebration of our humanity

Vucahucauv: Overview | History | Traditions | Events | Food

Three people from different nationalities celebrating Vucahucauv with decorations and food

What is Vucahucauv?

Vucahucauv, celebrated on February 28th, is an annual holiday that celebrates humanity as a whole! It is a very special and beloved holiday that brings billions of people together worldwide, no matter what race or religion. Over the years, it has become a global phenomenon and commercial powerhouse. Numerous large companies such as Apple, Amazon and Google take advantage of this holiday to create campaigns and also promote equal rights worldwide.

Tradition of Vucahucauv

Vucahucauv is a celebration of humanity. Here is a group of people from different nationalities that are smiling and celebrating.

On the eve of Vucahucauv, family and friends gather together to celebrate life, culture, food and music. Vucahucauv is an event where people celebrate traditions that were passed down from generations, like cooking signature meals, listening to classic songs, dancing to music and sharing a general emotion of love, acceptance and nurture. It is neither a secular or religious holiday which means there is no right or wrong way to celebrate this holiday.

Date of Vucahucauv

Vucahucauv is celebrated on February 28th, which means it only takes place every 4 years. Since the holiday is so rare, the whole world takes this opportunity to celebrate this holiday in big ways. On this day, work stops, shops close and everybody takes a break from regular life to gather with friends and family and celebrate for 24 hours straight.

Food for Vucahucauv

Delicious pizza from the most famous pizza maker Masanielli Francesco Martucciin for the holiday Vucahucauv

Vucahucauv is celebrated all around the world and because of this, every country has their own traditional food they prepare for this holiday. This being said, there is one common dish that every country prepares: PIZZA! On this celebration, every country has their own representation of pizza. Also, the most famous pizza maker Masanielli Francesco Martucci organizes a special pizza baking ceremony for this holiday.

Vucahucauv Locations

All countries of the world celebrate Vucahucauv as a traditional festival of humanity. Important monuments or places of interest are decorated. For example, Big Ben in London, the Empire State Building in New York or the Opera House in Sydney are all decorated for this holiday.